Opera 9.6 launches, now includes magazine-style RSS…sort of

October 11, 2008

Opera has revealed the newest version of their web browser, Opera 9.6. As always, the latest update includes speed and performance increases, but the update delivers several new features, too. The one new feature that we were really excited to try out is how Opera 9.6 deals with RSS feeds. In this latest version of the browser, you can preview your feeds in an attractive magazine-style layout. But what we really wanted to know is could read your feeds like this once subscribed?” – ReadWriteWeb

Google announces RSS feed offer

October 11, 2008

Google has long offered its users the ability to subscribe to search results via email. The company has recently announced its intention to soon offer search results via RSS feeds as well. It will be an extension of Google Alerts

American Physical Society Journals RSS Feeds

August 26, 2008

American Physical Society Journals RSS Feeds page

Feed My Inbox

August 26, 2008

Feed My Inbox – A blog feed application that sends RSS feeds (news, blog content, etc) from any RSS-enabled site to the email you specify

State of California RSS Feeds

August 18, 2008

State of California RSS Feeds page

New York Daily News RSS Feeds

August 18, 2008

New York Daily News RSS Feeds page

Ford Motor Company RSS Feeds

July 28, 2008

Ford Motor Company RSS Feeds page

100 Cool Things You Can Do With RSS

July 16, 2008

100 Cool Things You Can Do With RSS by Alisa Miller

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) allows you to get information sent directly to you, eliminating the need for you to that information individually. Using a reader will allow all the RSS feeds to come to one spot for you to read at your leisure. While reading news and blogs has been a traditional use for RSS feeds, there are also tons of fun ways to use these feeds. The list touches on some ways you can read the news, but it also lets you learn, share, keep up with your interests, and so much more

MediaScrape RSS Feeds

July 16, 2008

MediaScrape – features streaming business and technology, politics, sports, entertainment, environment, and arts and life video news from around the world. RSS Feeds page


July 14, 2008

FeedMySearch – a free Google-tweaking utility, turns new results from Google’s many search areas—web, news, blogs, images, and more – into an RSS feed you can incorporate however you’d like