Domain Name set for US$750,000 sale

October 11, 2008

“Sedo has been appointed by Torex Retail Holdings (Torex(TM)) to oversee the sale of With the development of the Internet, Really Simple Syndication (RSS) has emerged as the industry standard term which describes the delivery of automated news feeds over the web. With over 3,810,000,000 page results for ‘rss’ in Google, businesses can use the name as a powerful asset to attract new customers, boost search engine rankings and grow online advertising revenues. Since being parked and monetised through Sedo, the name averages 20,000 unique views a month. is planned to go up for auction on in October with a $750,000 USD reserve. Buyers can submit their interest either by contacting Sedo directly or by visiting and searching for the Internet domain name”

2 Responses to “ Domain Name set for US$750,000 sale”

  1. andybolton Says:

    Hi, It is my suggestion that Yahoo will buy it. It is a big boys toy and gets many hits such a company would envy to have on board.

    Thanks Again … Andy

  2. medstoreus Says:

    It’s been a long time.May i know who bought it.
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