RSS_PHP: free RSS Parser for PHP 5+

January 18, 2008

RSS_PHP – is a free RSS Parser for PHP 5+, a single class which utilises the DOM API to parse any RSS feed into a simple Object comprising of three Array’s. Unlike many RSS Parsers, RSS_PHP also gives you full access to every part of the original RSS feed; including attributes, extensions and values. As RSS_PHP utilises the DOM to parse RSS, and the DOM Extension is installed as part of the PHP Core, RSS_PHP’s only dependency is PHP 5. RSS_PHP works with all versions of RSS, including related modules, attributes and extensions, currently tested and verified against: * RSS 0.91 * RSS 0.92 * RSS 1.0 * RSS 2.0 RSS_PHP supports all flavours of RSS 2.0; including all its wacky permutations, some of these include: * Google Base * ebay rss feeds * WordPress Feeds * Yahoo! Media RSS Module * Apple iTunes / Podcast RSS * GeoRSS * Financial Content * product rss


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